Looking forward the hassle of taking care of the charging socket of your smartphone when it lacks wireless charging, ZNAPS offers a really simple solution.

Poster 2ZNAPS is a specially designed magnetic adapter for your mobile devices, one that can easily change the way you charge.

The trick is made by the two parts of the adaptor, the first part that goes in your phone socket and the second one that goes over your cable plug.

a6ac126c54be38945a7b4a5bdbca8a5b_originalZNAPS supports charging as well as data synchronization and it’s designed for Lightning cable, Micro-USB and USB Type C cable which makes it compatible with almost every piece of portable tech you have.


Let’s take a look a what it offers:

Lightning / Micro-USB / USB-C Support

Easy Plug / Unplug: The magnetic connection Connect and Detect your phone instantly.

Reversible: You can “plug” the cable on any side.

Data Synchronisation

Charge Indicator:  Small hidden LED to indicate charging status.

Cable Protection: Protection for the cable connector head.

Minimal: It’s so small that’s compatible with almost any smartphone case (maybe some Trident or Otterbox cases may present problems due to the charger flap)

Affordable: The base price point is $9

Waterproof: Prevent water damage at the phone socket.

Yes! you read that right, it makes your phone waterproof! Well sort of, what it really makes is block liquids of any kind from entering the phone socket.
The ZNAPS Connector has a silicone ring that does the work of preventing water from getting into your phone port.

Another special features it has and worth the notice are:

Is Micro-USB 3.0 compatible.

Supports Quick Charge 2.0.

and last but no least they also add a Keychain Case to carry two adapters and two connectors with you.


But enough talk! Take a look by yourself:

Right now the guys at ZNAPS are about to finish their Kickstarter campaign but you can still grab some early promotions that goes from $9 with One (1) ZNAPS combo (connector+adapter) all the way until $480 with 10 ZNAPS combos + 10 Keychains and more stuff

To do that you can go HERE

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