Just when you thought you seen it all ….No sex doctor required here… REAL tech for your dangly bits is here,NO not silly expensive pointless toys for your pleasure… You can now protect your fertility with underwear,yes that’s right….So if you carry you mobile around all day in your jeans pocket this maybe for you although there is still speculation on Wi-Fi having any mundane effect on mens crown jewels…or if being near your PC or Laptop causes any ill effects..Study tells different though..So in short lads it’s a faraday cage for your ball’s.

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Sir Richard Branson says they are ‘underpants for superheroes’, Price – Wireless Armour underwear is available from £24 ( 33 euro approx ) – £35 (49 euro approx) each and come in two versions – The 180 and 360…The 180 range has a unique shielding fabric across the front half of the product. The 360 range is entirely made from the unique fabric RadiaTex.

So what is Wireless Armour ?

Wireless Armour is a new start-up making clothing that utilises the protection and antibacterial properties of Silver to create clothing that blocks harmful wireless radiation.

What are these pants made from  ?

RadiaTex®  – The fabric can be washed in a standard washing machine,The fabric retained its shielding qualities and antibacterial properties for the average lifetime of the product.


The antibacterial and anti-electromagnetic properties of RadiaTex® will last you 6 years, or 300 washes, due to the high content of silver. The reported average lifespan of a pair of men’s underwear is 2 years, so you can be safe in the knowledge that Wireless Armour will have you protected for the entire lifetime of the product.

Is Wireless Armour Underwear effective ?

For more head over to WirelessArmour





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