Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you really wanted to send a message but couldn’t get a strong signal or a good data connection?

All of us have been there, at least once, and this is where FireChat finds it’s place.

FireChat is an Android and IOS app the allows you to send and receive messages without data connections or celular signal.

How does it work?

FireChat creates a mesh network using P2P Bluetooth and WiFi, transmits messages and images without connection between devices that are located about 70 meters away from each other.

It turns your phone into a repeater antena, Leaving the WIFI and BT on the app uses that signal to “Hop” between devices until it reaches the recipient.

The FireChat way
The FireChat way

Therefore, the more people that use the app the better and faster network becomes, users form a network that increases in size with the number of devices. Allows messages jump from one device to the next. You can cover a practically the entire city with just 5% of the population using the app.

(perfect for the Z apocalypse don’t you think? hahaha)

There are two sides on this messaging app, Public Messages and Private Messages.

The public messages are visible to all, the private ones are encrypted and only the sender and the receiver can read them.

opengardenNow, imagine your kid went for a summer camp, normally they go to places where there’s almost ZERO connections, and as a parent that’s something that concerns you about. Well, with this app, if all the kids on the camp installs the app, they can create “their own network” and they can track each others if anything happens.


Worth the try huh?

Unfortunately nothing is perfect, and FireChat is not the exception, You don’t need to use your personal details to log into the app, you can use it anonymously. But, you’re going to need Internet on the first Log.
Although, once done,it works really well!

If you want to give the app a try you can go here: Android, IOS.

The app is free in both stores so you don’t have a excuse not to try it out.

Let us know what do you think of it, have you tried the app before? Leave your thoughts on the comments sections below.


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