KillBiller has been featured here many times now since its launch and today there is good news for those who are on pre-pay,currently KillBiller was only available to those on Bill-Pay plans and many people shouted for the App to arrive for Pre-Pay users,today is the day folks.

What is KillBiller ? Its a smart, simple to use, iPhone and Android app that analyses users’ actual phone usage against all of the available plans on the market. We figure out what kind of phone user you are, and crunch numbers to accurately calculate how much you would spend on each plan. No guesswork required! • KillBiller also offers users the convenience of switching networks via the app.


KillBiller,says  “The Irish app that been used 30,000 times by Irish people to compare bill-pay mobile plans, now includes information Prepay plans from every network. Each year, Irish people waste millions of euro overspending on mobile phone bills. People save on average €292 per year when they change mobile phone plans, yet only 9% of Irish people switch provider each year1. KillBiller is a mobile app that eliminates the confusion of switching and has helped thousands of Irish consumers save money. KillBiller is now launching support for pre-pay plans, meaning that many of Ireland’s most price-sensitive phone users can easily find the best possible mobile phone package available to them.

Prepay Plans –  New to KillBiller, “Prepay support was our most requested feature says Shane Lynn PhD. and will help price-sensitive consumers save even more money on their phone bill. With the Irish telecoms market opening up, and over 200 prepay price plans available, we aim to make it simple for the Irish consumer to switch to the best plan suited exactly to their needs, and save money in the process.”

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In Ireland, 52% of mobile users have pre-pay plans and here are some reasons why. • Cheaper: According to statistics from Comreg pre-pay user pay on average €15.07 monthly, compared to bill-pay users who pay on average €34.69. • Flexibility: Vary from using your phone lots to a little and only paying for what your use. • Freedom: Users have the freedom to begin or end their plan whenever needed.

• Use your own phone: Choose whatever phone you like, or keep your existing. • Less surprises: Keep control of your costs, and never experience bill shock when you blow through your limits on that last youtube clip.

• The application has been used almost 30,000 times by Irish mobile phone users. • The average savings reported are over €20 per month, or between €200 and €400 per year.Everything is automatic – People don’t need to know how many minutes, texts, or megabytes they’ve use.

Celebration Competition you say? 

KillBiller has a competition to celebrate its launch for pre-pay users,details below…….

To celebrate the launch of pre-pay support, KillBiller is hosting a competition to win the average annual saving of someone who switches networks. What would you do with €292? Fly to Barcelona and back 3 times? … Go to the cinema 40 times? … Drink 64 pints of beer? … Tell us and you could win that prize!! See HERE




Team KillBiller • The KillBiller team are passionate about consumer transparency and are experts in the mobile industry and technology in general. We are happy to be interviewed around any of these topics and can present an informed, consumer driven, viewpoint. • KillBiller is an Irish start-up and our mobile phone plan comparison app is our first.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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