Shuff is a new realtime messenger app that has landed on iOS that claims to be ahead of its time,so lets take a look and see what this new messenger app has and how can it can compete with multiple competitors in the messenger scene today..Firstly we asked Cyril Trosset who is the founder of the app to tell us how it all began.



The Shuff story

We won’t tell you Shuff was born in a garage.That the application has been developed by a geek, bored in his student room. No.Shuff tells a lot of us, our friendship and our different ways.Freshly graduated engineers, designer, communicant, paralegal and financial man, our profiles are diverse but we always shared a passion for new technologies.The Shuff project was born from that wish to use the new technologies to create the first direct messenger, really direct.At first, it was just an idea, to have fun for a summer, and finally: a fast messenger, innovating and the more interactive it can be. And mostly fun.

Cyril Trosset

Who has never dreamed of communicating faster? Sending a message without pressing “send”? Not waiting to receive the answer you hope for? Sorry? You want more? You want to see what your friend is typing? Shuff can do it for you. Shuff revolutionizes the way we communicate, by offering users the ability to follow a conversation letter by letter, as it is typed. Our famous Oxford Dictionary specifies: « Instant »: [usually before noun] happening immediately..

The real definition of an instant messenger. “Today, thousands of applications offer to chat with friends, but none of them propose to do it in real-time. Here is where Shuff innovates. And amazes,“ the project founder, Cyril, explains. The fully secured application does not keep any record of the conversation: there is no history. And, for more privacy, the letters of the messages are mixed so that, only the first and the last letter of each word remains in its original place, to permit reading without any difficulties. The others letters are “shuffed“ (meaning randomly mixed), which provides more privacy from prying eyes (no need for a college degree to decrypt the shuffed messages).


Shuff is an international application. I’m drinking some wine with my friend on a terrace in New York, I’m sending a pic to my friend in Lisbon right now. I’m drawing a (very good) portrait of my sister in the drawroom with my brother. I share my location while I’m in Los Angeles and talking with my cousin in London, still under the rain (any use of existing “clichés” is purely coincidental). By the way, what time is it over there? Don’t worry, Shuff indicates to you the local time of your friend with whom you are conversing, if he or she is long distance or abroad.


The App itself.. Shuff is a real-time messenger app which allows you to see word for word what the person at the other end is typing,this factor I like and think its a great idea,personally im not one to spend all day sending text but this is something I like nonetheless.Another great feature in the app is that it shows you the local time of the person too,this is also good,if only something like this was on Twitter as I spend most of my day conversing there and its with others from all over the world…

Shuff is an app with no history. Only the last sent message of your conversation appears. But you can “favorite” a message with an up-swipe, and find it later in the Favorites menu.

Create masterpieces with your friends in the Drawroom. Everyone can draw on the same board, using different brushes and colors. You can also share your best pictures.


Who is Shuff for.

Anyone who wishes to find out the direct messenger, really direct! Anyone who wants to stay in touch with friends and family, Anyone who is sick of waiting for receiving a message but want to follow its writing, Anyone who looks to save time, Anyone who wants to share everything, Anyone who dreams of having fun while chatting, Anyone who wants to express its artistry


Shuff your messages! You can choose to mix the letters of each word, all but the first and last letter. It’s fun decrypting messages, and provides more privacy from prying eyes. If you like, you can send shuffed messages via text or Whatsapp or post it to Facebook or Twitter.
Another feature is the ability to talk to your friends with your identity kept secret. The “anonymous” mode is an enjoyable and safe way to have fun with your friends.

Shuff is also available for the Apple watch..


You can download Shuff over  HERE for free.. Share your thoughts below if you have used or tried this new app which looks quite good to me,also we wish to thank Cyril Trosset for getting in touch with us..

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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