WordKik Parental Control is a new android application to help parents tackle on-line cyber bullying and more. WordKik is the first android application which notifies parents if their children are using bad language on their smart phones and tablets,WordKik is based in Dublin too which is great to hear..kids today have now easy access to phones and tablets and they need some form of protection and here is a great solution,this will give parents some extra sense of security and its also a good start to implement more ideas in the future.



WordKik is a start up, creating software tools to help parents in their busy lives. Founded in 2014, by Ferdows Sanehi and his brother Behzad Sanehi they are both engineering students from ITB and DIT in Dublin Ireland. Their Marketing specialist is Matthew Mc Callion. They have a passion for creating family friendly products.


WordKik offers an overall solution for parents who are worried about their child’s online activities. The parent will never need to go through their child’s phone or tablet. WordKik gives busy parents a great tool to keep their child safe without taking away their child’s privacy. Unlike other competitors our app is 100% free for extra features parents have the option to upgrade..



Parents are instantly notified when their children are uses profane language on their social networking apps, as well as the internet.WordKik also notifies you when your child goes onto an inappropriate website. When adult content is detected the child’s browser is automatically locked. This prevents your child from seeing pornography and violence.

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Other features include :  Geo-location tracking of your child’s devices.  Locking/unlocking individual apps on your child’s phone or tablet.  Time locking of your child’s device

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{Download WordKik parental control on Android}

{Download WordKik Child on Android}

Thanks to Ferdows Sanehi for getting in touch and we wish you great success going forward,this surely is a great idea.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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