This Thursday will surely end on a high for all the Nokia fans out there.,It was bound to happen sooner or later and with all the goings on of late and the recent announcements this gives us some good news.

Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri is planning to re-enter the mobile phone business

“We are to look for suitable partners,” Suri said in an interview with the manager magazine and announced it on to license the brand from 2016 to mobile phone manufacturers. Still, it’s the former largest manufacturer in the world does not allow mobile phones for sale: The Finnish company had in 2013 his phone business to Microsoft sold and signed a contract agreeing to stay away until the second half of 2016, the industry.

After the expiry of the clause would be Nokia but to challenge his former partner in the business: “. Microsoft makes mobile Phones, we would only design and make the brand name on the license is available, but of course we would attack in a position, otherwise we could equally have to be,” Suri said in the conversation.

Nokia has been granted a trademark license for the production of tablets of the Taiwanese iPhone manufacturer Foxconn.

No preferential treatment of the German carmaker at HERE Sales

The Nokia CEO is about to re-establish the Group. Suri has announced the network equipment with competitors Alcatel-Lucent to merge and the digital maps business wanting to sell HERE.

In order HERE a bidding race has emerged, in which also the German automaker BMW , Audi and Daimler participate together. The German premium carmakers granted Suri a refusal to be preferred as major customers in the deal: “Anyone who can make the deal better in the long term, a good buyer is,” Suri said in the interview.

Stay tuned for more tech buzz.



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