Twitter has been busy of late and now its added a new feature in which you can share the people you don’t like,hate,annoy or trolls/sub-tweeters and this is all well and good because if you block someone they can still see your tweets,so if i have blocked someone for example and i get a re-tweet the blocked person can see it or use another app to see the tweet,so twitter needs to sort the blocking process to begin with and that would be most welcome in my book..

Twitter says in its blog

You can now export and share your block lists with people in your community facing similar issues or import another user’s list into your own account and block multiple accounts all at once, instead of blocking them individually. We also hope these advanced blocking tools will prove useful to the developer community to further improve users’ experience.



To export or import a list of blocked accounts, navigate to your blocked accounts settings on Click on the advanced options drop-down menu and select the action you want to take.To download a list of your blocked accounts, select the export option and confirm the accounts you want to export.




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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