Do you ever dream of using your Iphone to get that awesome photos or videos you have seen of your friends with GoPros?

Well your dream is about to become reality! Let’s take a looks at the Rugged Iphone 5 and 6 cases from Hitcase. hitcase-splash-blue-wallpaper-2560x1440The guys at Hitcase start we a simple idea 2 years ago: “We need to keep two things together, our adrenaline addiction and our Iphones” And that’s how this Waterproof, Shockproof and Mountable Case came out. hitcase-pro5-ios7-heroLet’s take a look, shall we?

You can find two version of this for the Iphone 6, the Hitcase PRO and the Hitcase PRO+ Action Pack

And Two Versions for the Iphone 5 (5s and 5c) the Hitcase PRO+ and the Hitcase SOLO

This cases are designed to protect your Iphone for almost any condition, giving you more than just a normal case.

They come with a interchangeable Lenses to help you out with that perfect shot.

They have a “ShootR Pole” accessory which is waterproof, lightweight and extendable; and more accessories to help you in practically any sport.

The Hitcase has been designed to be easier to open and close, but keeping the waterproof and shockproof power at max giving you up to 33 ft (10m) to dive and up to 6ft (2m) against drops.

Some other features are:

Lightning Port Access: Audio port seal technology to the Lightning port.

TrueTouch Screen: The TrueTouch screen is 25% thinner from previous models.

TrueLUX™ Interchangeable Lenses: Hitcase TrueLUX™ Superwide, Wide, Macro, and Flat lenses, choose the perfect combination for your memories.

ShockWave Audio: The new ShockWave audio seal provides 2x greater clarity and improved sound for both calling and recording video.

Railslide® Mounting System: “The Railslide® system enables Hitcase PRO to mount or disconnect “eyes free” in seconds, so users can mount, get the shot, and unmount easily as needed”

Apart from this which is already great! They also have their own Video App

Vidometer: This app gives you lots overlay options to choose from during or after you have captured the action.

Enough read, is better if we let the guys talk by themself

There you have it, the perfect companion for your Iphone adventures hitcase-pro-6-hero-blackbg Unfortunately not everything is perfect, and this is not the exception, you can have it right now… But! You can pre-order yours and get within one or two weeks!

You can look for yours in here

And you can download the Vidometer app HERE

Are you one of those action fans? Let us know in the coments section below what do you think about this ruggedized and waterproof case and if you’re going to get one! Or Tweet us using #techbuzzireland

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