SipSup is uniquely designed mobile connected drinking glass that works as a reminder of your past adventures

SipSup is uniquely designed glass that can be used for much more than just drinking. Great looking piece of glassware is suitable for more or less any drink and enables you to enjoy special moments with your beloved ones even more.

“Almost every one of us has their favourite glass or cup they like to drink from. The market is full of beautiful cups but when it comes to glassware, uniquely designed glasses are hard to find. There is a reason behind every design detail of a SipSup. After many prototypes we came up with the curve shaped design that fits your hand perfectly. The base resembling a ripple of a drop falling into the water is telling you more than meets the eye.” SipSup explains.


SipSup glasses are crafted in collaboration with Slovenian glassworks Steklarna Hrastnik. Besides its outstanding design, the glassware also received a Vitrux certificate because of the outstanding optical properties and its resistance to machine washing.

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Eva Stopar tells us about SipSup

SipSup is a young start-up company that grew from the idea of 3 friends and co-founders. In need of a female touch on the project the team expanded with 3 new members. We believe that our enthusiasm and the great energy within the team and will reflect on the SipSup.

For more on the upcoming Kickstarter tune in on the 19th June 2015

Thanks to Eva for getting in touch and check out their website HERE




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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