For the first time ever, the OnePlus One in 64GB Sandstone Black and 16GB Silk White will be available at a new price (starting from $249 original price ) or €227 approx in a series of flash sales. Its June 1st and not the announcement we have all been waiting on.However if you are looking for a smartphone at a good price this is it so not bad all in all but still a let down for fans awaiting the next device.

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On their forum here is how it goes with mixed reactions it might be a bad move but considered the devices age its typical they drop prices but they state they are not making any money… You can have your say from the source link below.

Our Flash Sale experiment will last all week, June 1-7. Times will vary every other day, so everyone around the world will have a fair chance to buy.

Each day’s sale has very limited quantity, so if you miss the deal one day, just come back the next. We’ll announce the flash sales on our social media channels as well. Follow us for the most up-to-date information!

Please note that this promotion is only available on For our fans in India and Southeast Asia, country-specific offers will be coming soon! Stay tuned to your local social media.

Daily Sale Schedule:
June 1 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)
June 2 – 2:00 GMT (10 pm EST -1 day)
June 3 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)
June 4 – 2:00 GMT (10 pm EST -1 day)
June 5 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)
June 6 – 2:00 GMT (10 pm EST -1 day)
June 7 – 12:00 GMT (8 am EST)


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