In the world we live now is almost sure that we always have the need to be “on everything”.

Apple has “Handoff”, Microsoft will have “Continuity” with W10 and now Samsung present us “Flow”

Samsung-Flow-systemFlow is more than just an app, is a way from Samsung to integrate their devices in a way where you can use each one to do what they are made to do.

Flow is based on two simple things:

Transfer & Dafer

Transfer: is for moving an activity to the right device for a task and pick it up right where you left off rather than starting again.

Defer: is for “pause” an activity when the right device is not at hand or there just isn’t enough time to finish up a task. Then you can resume it when you’re ready.

Another feature that seems to be omitted in the description is “Notifications

You’ll receive the Notifications on the devices you’re using and choose if take it there or move it to another one.

Let’s take a look at what Samsung wants for us:

Looks nice isn’t it?

But there’s two downsides

1) It’s in Beta only available in the U.S
2) Is not fully compatible with all Samsung devices yet

Here’s a full list of compatible ones:

• Galaxy S4*
• Galaxy S5
• Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
• Note 4 and Note Edge
• Galaxy Alpha
• Galaxy Tab S
• Galaxy Tab A
• Galaxy Note Pro 12.2¨*
• Galaxy Note 10.1 2014*

* =  experimental; contact if you have trouble

The future looks bright for us, but we’ll have to wait a little more to enjoy things like this on full capacity.

Do you have more than one of the device mentioned above and want to give a try?

You can download Flow Here

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