We were pretty amazed when we were introduced to the idea of Cloop in February this year. The good folks at Cloop striving to provide the world with a tangle free solution has finally hit the Kickstarter for crowd funding. If you still find it confusing what I’m talking about, continue reading.

About Cloop

Cloop was built to help keep busy people organized and keep cables and cords, such as, headphones and smartphone chargers, neat and tangle free. Messy cables have a knack for wrapping themselves into endless knots and taking up far too much space in drawers, and storage spaces. In fact the natural state of cables is “tangled”. In the past, many solutions have responded to this problem with simple or impractical solutions. But, with today’s new tech and the brainpower of creative engineers, your best solution to tangled cables and cords has arrived. Cloop™ is patent pending.

Why Cloop?

  • Eliminate Cord Clutter
  • Makes Traveling Easier
  • Organize Your Living Area
  • Organize Your Workspace
  • Prevent Entanglement
  • Utilize More Drawer Space
  • Exercise Without Headphone Malfunctions
  • Easy Cable Identification
  • Tidy Up Family Charging Stations
  • Prevent Cable Breakage
  • Save Yourself Tons of Time



Cloop is available in two sizes called the Small Cloop & Large Cloop, with lengths of 54.33 mm and 74 mm respectively while the Width and thickness of  12.2 mm & 5.7 mm respectively.

Cloops are available in White, Red and Black colors.

Cloop is made from an elastic silicone material that provides it with the flexibility to fit around Small to Large sized cables, using our two different band sizes. Cloop has a neodymium magnet located at both ends, which makes Cloop easy to snap shut and easy to open.


Limited Edition Cloop Base:

The Cloop base increases workflow by keeping your cables within reach. The base can be attached to almost any flat surface such as a desk, wall or sidetable. The micro suction silicone surface creates a partial vacuum to keep the base from moving around when in use. You can also affix the base to a wall, or the side of a desk using a 3M Command strip (not included).

Rewards for Early Birds


Production Plans


You can support this wonderful idea by backing here and lead a tangle free life.

Know more about Cloop here. We request our folks to support this project.

Stay tuned for more tech buzz.


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