Only recently rumors of Nokia and a return to the Android market where slated and funnily enough a day later this transpired into truth and opinions changed as well as peoples minds it was a rather interesting two days to say the least and something i enjoyed laughing about,I think most people who are Nokia fans would agree they would return and now it seems like its happening,of course this cant happen for some time yet but what’s to stop them being ready..

In a report from Sichuan Daily News 

Nokia is working with the Tianfu New docking build global R & D center, which will become China’s second largest R & D center. April 23 to participate in the 2015 Asian Wang, president of Nokia China and foreign enterprises in Sichuan famous line said that next year will return to the mobile phone market, Nokia, whether built in mobile phone production base in Sichuan, the need to assess.

Mike Wang revealed that Nokia value chain, human science and advantages, as well as rapid economic growth in Sichuan, will be based in Sichuan, global services, research and development center, and the main core of the network, the Internet of Things and fusion technology research and development, and research and development in Hangzhou Center flagship wireless network dislocation development.

The Nokia X2 the last Android (Forked)
The Nokia X2 the last Android (Forked)

Nokia function machine is the classic era, but also the collective memory of the feelings. However, due to the smart phone era turned slow, missed opportunities. 2013, Nokia “bondage” Microsoft, to completely withdraw from the mobile consumer market, people sigh. Since then, Nokia fully into the network equipment and services, Alcatel acquired last month – after Lucent, one of the world’s largest network equipment and service providers.

Meanwhile, Nokia also quietly exploring return to the mobile phone market. Mike Wang revealed that the plan next year or achieve, and with Android. At present, the mobile phone manufacturing industry chain in Sichuan has become more mature, whether built in mobile phone production base in Sichuan? Wang Asian laughed language: needs assessment.

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