Never lose your Android device again with #FindMyPhone. #Android #Google by @jimboireland

Millions of phones get lost or stolen every year worldwide and when it comes to finding them it can be a hassle,although there is a find my phone app on Android already this can make things a bit easier because you can now do it from your desktop or home PC. This would be handy for an actual theft or if you misplaced your device at home or at a friends perhaps.

All you need to do is sign in with your Google Account and your device obviously must be on and you must have the latest update of the Google search app on your device.

It all may sound familiar to Android users as you can use device manager alongside other apps to locate and erase data etc.Now from your desktop this can be done which is quite handy and it works here in Ireland too..As you can see on image above you can then ring your device,then below as pictured an icon will appear on your device and you phone will ring for 5 mins.Pretty neat.