Ok so an email from Nokia press arrived this morning with them discussing Alcatel Lucent,there is many rumours floating around and in this game there will continue to do so i think many people want to see Nokia standing firm once again in the handset business,also of late is speculation of the rumored sale of HERE maps so put 2 & 2 together here and sparks begin to fly.After the success of the N1 tablet which is hard to get these days its a sign,a good sign and one which its safe to say Nokia fans will want to see their NOKIA LOGO back on top of a handset,not a cheap handset from MS but a decent one from god knows who at this point.We all know this cant happen for some time but there is nothing wrong with planning ahead,the day cant come sooner for the majority..but is it for a return to the handset market? For now that’s a no. Down the road who knows.
Updated. Nokia have now purchased Alcatel-Lucent, read more HERE






Statement regarding Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent media speculation

In relation to recent media speculation Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent confirm that they are in advanced discussions with respect to a potential full combination, which would take the form of a public exchange offer by Nokia for Alcatel-Lucent. There can be no certainty at this stage that these discussions will result in any agreement or transaction.

A further announcement will be made when appropriate.

So what do you think ?

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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