Nuzzel. – News from your friends in an App. Dont miss a thing. by @jimboireland #Apps #Nuzzel #News

Nuzzel is a news aggregate so to speak and since the app i used most which was called Taptu closed its services i began looking for another app,there is of course many others like FlipBoard,Feedy and gReader but i like to have a selection.

Nuzzle is simple to use and works rather smoothly and requires a FaceBook or Twitter login,this will then keep you up to date with things you may have missed from your friends and news they may have shared,its a rather nice app and deserves the mention.. You can also use Nuzzel to share interesting stories with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS.Within the app you can decide what news to read within timeframes and days..Also you can get customised alerts with breaking news from your friends.