Facebook is working hard on making us use their services, and now the have add a new app to fight with Vine, let’s take a look at Riff.

650_12000Riff is the new Video app from the big blue, and it present and interesting way of share stories.

Once you have the app, you log in with your FB ID and immediately can start using the service, you can watch some of the videos already done by the developers or some global videos made from other users.

650_1200What’s the story with the app?

Well, you just need an idea, make a short video (20sec limit unlike Vine) explaining your idea, and then any FB friend you have can add another video to the same story.

Once they have done that, they friends can do the same, so your initial story now have hundreds of sequels.

The story can remain as Riff exclusive or you can share them on the social networks you have.

The app is on IOS and Android, with no words on WP

You can download the app here: IOS, Android

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