In a world of smart watches today it is not easy to find a cheap one,whilst they are coming down in price and companies are trying to make them cheaper Apple has to be the ones to reverse the price bracket people want,with a watch that has bells and whistles and one that sends vibrations to people via their wrist,swiftly moving on. Hanspree have announced a watch that costs on £30 and there is also an app for it too…


HANNspree Sport Watch SW68SD12  7



Now it does look plain to be fair and at the price what do you expect but its a step in the right direction to get people into the idea of wearing smart watches due to the cost of them now its not really took off to well especially here in Ireland..

The Sports Watch is a convenient life tool that offers exercise tracking functions, sleep monitoring, alerts, alarm and standard watch functionality. Trying to get fit? The on-board pedometer will count how many steps you are taking throughout the course of a day and feed the information to you for your assessment. It will also inform you of how many calories you are likely to have burned and the distance you have travelled giving you all the information you need to help you lose weight and stay healthy. Having trouble sleeping? Use the Sports Watch to monitor your sleeping patterns which may in turn help you identify times when you sleep well or are easily disturbed. You can see and monitor all of this data in real-time on the OLED screen. This is in addition to ordinary features such as time, date and battery level.

The new Hannspree Sports Watch also includes Bluetooth connectivity which means it can be synced with a Smartphone. Compatible with both Android and IOS, a free downloadable app is available for most modern Smartphones that enables you to review collected data in order to identify your very personal trends and provide you with the motivation to challenge yourself in future activities. The Sports Watch can store up to 20 days of data before it needs to be synced.

When a Smartphone is synced via Bluetooth, the Hannspree Sports watch can be used to alert you of incoming calls and messages. Handy if you regularly tuck your phone away safely or are required to turn your phone to silent mode and often miss communications. You can also use this functionality to set up prompts for important reminders such as when to take medicine or make an important call. A vibrate setting lets you receive alerts and alarms discretely.

The Sports Watch has an uncomplicated, easy to use menu system and a simple but smart design available in two colours (Blue / Black). Completely wireless, the Sports watch, which can be charged in less than an hour via USB, provides battery power for 8-10 days of use. It can be worn either as a watch on a wrist, or using the supplied necklace band, can be worn around the neck.

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By Jim O Brien/CEO

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