Even with today’s technology most of the medical procedure is made by humans, but there’s some cases when that could be dangerous for the patient and doctor. Cases like the Ebola crisis need special measures, that’s why Google has created the “Ebola-proof Tablet”

Prince of Wales MSF Ebola Medical Centre in FreetownDoctors Without Borders made a request to google to make them a better tool for work, and so Google answered with this slate housed in a special casing to make sure it could withstand the terrible weather in West Africa.

The Tablet is based on a Water and dust proof Sony Tablet plus it can be submerged in chlorine to kill off any remnants of the Ebola virus, and also have wireless charging built in and rounded edges to avoid rip the doctors suits.

ebola-tablet-3When the alrt start the doctors weren’t allowed to have paper and pens with them for the special suits, and they have to yell the diagnosis and what they see to other person outside the tent, something that always ended up with errors.

Mr Ivan Gayton, MSF’s technology adviser said:

“The information stored on the devices will help map symptom patterns and the open-source technology could be deployed for other disease outbreaks.”

This is a huge improvement on medical tech, we’re getting close to find sources of virus without exposing more life.

Stay tuned for more Tech advances.

Source: TheTelegraph


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