There is good news for all the Windows 10 Technical Preview users. Microsoft had released a new update to the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

The new Build 10041 had the following enhancements

  • Improved Start experience
  • Improvements to Virtual Desktops
  • Cortana made available to new markets on desktops
  • New network fly-out from the taskbar
  • Engagements to Photos app
  • New text input canvas
  • Some experiments with Lock screen

Improvements to Windows Insider Program

The Windows Feedback app now has the ability to filter feedback as well as suggestions versus problems. “Me too” functionality shows up in search results so you can quickly add your “Me too” to items from directly from the search results view. Performance improvements around launching the app, category download, search results, and submitting feedback.

For the Insider Hub, the “Your Progress” page is updated to track how many missions you’ve completed, how often you’ve responded to requests for feedback, how much feedback you’ve submitted, and the number of up-votes your feedback has received. Microsoft will be continuing to deliver news, new missions, alerts, and other content (including opportunities to win prizes!) through the Insider Hub that won’t necessarily be blog posts or tweets from me, so keep checking there for new information.

For detailed change logs please visit here.

Stay tuned for more tech buzz.


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