Farming is a big thing in Ireland and we really have some high tech machinery often you may see huge combine harvesters or tractors on your daily journey or have got stuck behind them they can be that big you cant overtake them. Many of these are high tech and cost hundreds of thousands of euros but there are ones that don’t and perhaps use a typical GPS system or bespoke systems made for such farmers.

Now there is an Android app which can be used thats hit the play store developed by the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO)..



AgriBus-NAVI is a GPS guidance system to mount on agricultural machinery such as tractors, combines and self-propelled sprayers to help with straight line tasks in the field. Checking the display while driving will enable the creation of straight and evenly spaced lines in large fields.
(Please note that this app does not offer automatic steering functionality).

Requirements for Use.

Compatible with Android 4.0 and above smartphones and tablets

This app is available as a free, ad-supported download.(Yes its got annoying ads) Use is also free of charge.
(Please note that if you click on an ad in the guidance screen you will be directed away from the screen).
In the future an ad-free app (3.88/month 37.28 /year) and a version with field and task management functionality (price TBA) are planned for release.




III. Demo Display Mode

This app starts in demo display mode (Playback Recorded Task) on first startup. In this mode recorded location data is played back, with all other functionality (map zoom in/out, path/task width setting) the same as you would experience in normal use. If you want change mode to field operation mode, tap the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to access the settings screen and then switch the GPS Guidance Mode to Normal Mode.
IV. Required Peripherals When Using App in Agrigultural Tasks

The app can operate using the inbuilt GPS of your smartphone or tablet but location accuracy my be low and as such use may be impaired (particularly during in-cabin use, etc). It is strongly recommended that you use a USB connected GPS/GNSS. For known USB connected GPS compatibility please refer to the GPS/GNSS list below. The range of compatible devices will be increased in further version updates.


The App running on an Android device.


Compatible GPS/GNSS
u-blox’s GPS/GNSS (5 to 8 series) with USB interface
– GPS receiver GPS Module with Antenna USB interface G Mouse VK-162
– Wintec WGM-302U (Unfortunately it is discontinued.)
You can see some GPSs in eBay or Aliexpress with search word “u-blox usb” or “ublox usb”.

FTDI’s chip based USB to RS232 converter and GPS/GNSS with RS232 interface
– You can connect several GPS/GNSS as you like.
– $GPGGA, $GPVTG and $HEROT (heading messege of Hemisphere’s) message is available in this app.
– Baudrate is limited to 9600bps currently.
– Change params of GPS/GNSS via ‘u-center’ of u-blox is needed.


Not Compatible GPS/GNSS
Prolific’s and Silicon Labs’ chip based USB to RS232 converter and GPS/GNSS
– BU-353S4 SiRFstarIV
– HOLUX M-215+
– MediaTek’s based

2) Mountable Devices
It is possible to mount your device to tractors and other vehicles using a RAM mount or similar product.

3) Wired Devices (USB Cable, Power)
Connector cable for consumer smartphones and tablets (USB-OTG cable).
USB extension cable for GPS.
In-vehicle USB power.



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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