Don’t take your phone out in public, says the #Gardaí. #MobilePhone #Theft by @jimboireland #NCPDA

Mobile phone theft is pretty big still,not only here in Ireland but worldwide and its a pretty lucrative business often seeing teams of organised criminals moving from country to country to carry out this crime and in recent times its made headlines here in Ireland too.Not taking your mobile phone out in public is not an easy task we all do it we are at risk.

The Gardai have launched a National ‘Crime Prevention Day of Action’. which happens tomorrow,March 12th.

A quarter of mobile phones stolen between midnight and 4am

– After mobile phones, cash and credit cards are the most common item stolen

– A third of thefts from persons involve a ‘snatch and grab’ in public

– Half of all thefts from persons, robbery from persons and assaults happen between Friday and Sunday

An Garda Síochána has today (March 12, 2015) released figures and advice on how the public can protect themselves and their property while out and about.

As part of a National Crime Prevention Day of Action, Gardai are advising people to take some common sense steps to minimise the risk to themselves and their property.

This “streetwise” approach includes:

– Planning your journey, telling someone where you’re going, and using well lit routes to get there

– Being observant and concealing your valuables

– Avoiding making mobile phone calls in public places, but if you have to make or receive a call in public, always do so with your back up against a wall or a shop window etc so that you can see around you and reduce the opportunity to be attacked from behind

– Being wary of strangers and avoiding confrontation

“We want people to enjoy themselves when out, and taking a few easy steps can greatly reduce the chances of their day or night being ruined. These include remaining observant, be conscious of your alcohol intake, don’t make it easy for a thief to take your phone by leaving it on the table, and avoid walking in dark locations. Working together, we can reduce the opportunities available to criminals,” said Sergeant Alan Roughneen of the National Crime Prevention Unit.

The National Crime Prevention Day of Action will see Gardaí around the country engage with communities to provide practical advice to enhance personal safety and security.

Advice leaflets are available on the right and further crime prevention information is available on

Info graphic available here –…/…/Street%20Wise%20Infographic.pdf