Earlier today the very popular personalized music streaming service on WindowsPhone, MixRadio released its BETA Android and iOS versions of the App. Whilst this is not a launch it does point in a new direction for the MixRadio team. We may have expected this as Microsoft sold this awesome service to LINE Corporation sometime back.


MixRadio is a radio focused service that serves up music suggestions based on your chosen parameters. Favorite artists, genres, or even just using some of the curated mixes, MixRadio usually comes up with tunes you want to hear, or just hit Play Me and it plays music which you can thumbs up or down to make it a personal radio station.

MixRadio evolved from Nokia Music which was exclusive to Nokia devices. Nokia later on passed on MixRadio to Microsoft as part of the acquisition and then Microsoft sold it to Line Corporation. Keeping in mind the popularity and the amazing music streaming service, MixRadio is now game to take on the Android & iOS platforms. We are yet to see how the apps look but one thing is very clear with this initiative that MixRadio is on a huge expansion spree. We wish them all the very best and extend all our support both as bloggers and personal.

Stay tuned for more tech buzz.


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