Watch the Apple event right here today at 5PM. by @jimboireland #Apple #Event

Apple Watch details will most likely be the talk of the show,We may also hear about how much gold its going to use for its Gold version which is said to be a third of the world’s stockpile.Also we may hear about if its splash proof or a reported 100k apps will be available.Another thing which is quite important is the battery life,with many reports or if not being so good this is something people will be closely watching and if Apple actually make comment on it.


Also a New MacBook may be on the cards too.But what about the iCar ??? Could they tease us with this one has to ask and it would give us plenty of time to start saving,Will Bono give us more free music,or will there be something on Apple TV.. Well its anyones guess now and we all have to wait until then to find out.. You can tune in HERE

For non mac users etc you can tune in HERE