Kids love to play games and there is never enough,my daughter checks the store every day,with my observation of course and she is always adding or deleting games on her Lumia 625,its very hard to keep her happy at times and i find most of the time kids go by the thumbnail photo and point to it and request it,however its always worth noting you should always read up some more on the game prior to downloading.




Mash&Co is a multimedia episodic app for pre-school kids and families ,parents can monitor their kids performance with this app and watch their skills grow too.

The app has animated digital novels,cartoon series and mini games which is quite cool all this in one application.There is a multi touch UI which is colourful and fun so all can get involved and its also safe along with a stimulating environment.


Interactive animated tales – Animated series of Mash and Periwinkle who are the characters, Mini Games ,Various chapters of animated tales which children can interact and progress which progresses stimulation,creativity and attention. Also non verbal language ensures all kids around the world can play and get involved. The first three contents are free in this version so there will be add ons to buy,you can put this game in the Kids Corner of your Lumia device too..

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The Game is free to download and is 16MB you can download it right HERE 



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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