Sky News and Sky Sports have joined Snapchat,some might find it odd and as ever they have had some funny comments thrown at them on Twitter,most would see Snapchat as a kids platform but everyone has their own opinion,personally im not bothered about Snapchat ..

They can be found in the discover tab alongside some other well known names such as  MTV,Yahoo News,National Geographic and the Mail Online. Snapchat Discover launched in the US and globally at the end of January.

Around 5 to 10 stories will feature in each edition, curated by editors at both companies. The edition disappears after 24 hours.



Snapchat chief executive Evan Spiegel said: “We are huge fans of Sky News and Sky Sports and are grateful for the opportunity to partner with their outstanding team.”

Snapchat is one of a new wave of messaging apps that have gained popularity, along with WhatsApp, Line and Kik.

Moving from messaging between users to publishing content to them is a shift for Snapchat and could offer a new revenue stream, with adverts served up next to publishers’ editions.

Snapchat does not share its number of monthly users, but Techcrunch reported in December that it had around 200 million.

For news organisations, Snapchat offers access to a much younger demographic than even Facebook or Twitter do.

John McAndrew, Director of News Output for Sky News, said: “Our partnership with Snapchat is very exciting. We can reach a whole new audience hungry for news in a concise and creative form on a platform they already enjoy.”

What do you think of this news from Sky ?


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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