Flipboard started out a couple of years ago and i remember being part of the Beta back then and its been easily one of my favourite news aggregators since then,its got a nice UI its smooth,easy to use and manage and it just works,recently flipboard has also launched on windows phone too with some new changes but it still provides me with my daily content and on Windows Phone Magnify would be also my top feed,they are similar.I would also use Taptu on Android alongside Flipboard on my droids.





Flipboard announced this evening the following..


We smile when we think of 2015 as the year of our Web launch, but it’s here: a beautiful version of Flipboard for the desktop and a major new frontier on our quest to build the world’s best personal magazine.

By developing for mobile first (Flipboard was originally built for the iPad in 2010), we saw that content could shine again in a clean and uncluttered environment. The Web evolved, too, with things like responsive design making for easier (and prettier) reading and navigation. The vision of our founders—to bring a print-like aesthetic to digital content—could finally be realized.

You’ll see that Flipboard.com has its own look and feel. As with developing for iPhone,Android and Windows, the team builds on a platform’s unique attributes while still retaining the heart and soul of Flipboard. For example, Flipboard on the Web has responsive layouts for different screen sizes…

If you are a Flipboard fan this will be great news for the fans.


Read More over at Flipboard



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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