Aren’t you tired of “charging” your phone a few minutes on the go with a borrowed charger or a generic one and disconnecting it just to realize that only 2% or 5% is the difference?

Enter the Ampere app!

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This app will let you know if the charger you’re using is the right one! Using the new Apis of Android 5 – Lollipop you now can see in “real-time” how many juice enter your phone.

This is particulary helpful if you’re in a hurry and will need your phone later.
Sometimes we just borrow a charger from a friend because all of them look the same to us, but in some cases the manufacturer of you firend’s phone use a different kind of charger than yours… And the result will only let you with a bitter taste.

Bad charger
Bad charger
Good Charger
Good Charger

The app is still new and is facing some bugs with ons or two lollipop phones, at the end of the app description you can read the complete list of compatible and not compatible devices

You can downloaded HERE for free.

Stay tuned for more Buzz!