The Nexus 6 arrived today and on first receiving the box the size of it was enough to say it was going to be a rather big device.Its slightly bigger than the Galaxy Note 4 but not as huge as the mighty Nokia Lumia 1520.

The back of the device is curved so for been so big it does fit quite well in hand which makes not so cumbersome,this will of course depend on the individual using it small handed people will find it a problem and will need both hands,if you have big stupid hands like me it will not be a problem to get to grips with.

It does not feel heavy at all despite its size and so far i’m quite liking a lot about the device and how the UI is,i still prefer the Galaxy Note Edge overall apart from touchwiz and find the Nexus that bit quicker due to stock Android and no rubbish on the device..though you will be missing some feature you are custom to but can get them on the play store.

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Having been using the device for a few days the back is a major fingerprint  magnet this may annoy some so keep a lint free cloth handy or buy a protective case,also to note the front facing speakers has a sizeable gap between speaker and bezel this is another dirt trap and can be a bit bothersome to clean it,again maybe a case of some kind will help but will add bulk to an already bulky device,i have found the camera to be poor compared to competitors such as the Note Edge or Note 4 for example which have been the last two devices in house.

Also the battery does not appear to be fantastic either but being new it will take a few charge cycles to setting so this will be something to keep an eye on,it does come with fast charge like the Note 4/Edge which is a gift it charges super fast i have to say..

Take a look at video and if you have  any questions do ask us below or on Twitter.




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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