Samsung have just announced a new app for kids suffering with Autism which is really good news,most of us know someone who has Autism or have Autistic children in the family and with technology changing, technology can now help Autistic children learn and interact more been only beneficial to them in the long run.

For now Look At Me is compatible with the following devices.

Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5,Samsung Galaxy Note 2/Note 3 /Note 4,Samsung Galaxy Zoom/Zoom2,And the Samsung Galaxy Tab S,so hopefully this will be made more available to a wider range of devices in the coming months.You will need Android 4.0 and upward.


Over 60 million people worldwide suffer from autism. Many struggle to make eye contact and have poor social skills.
However, research has shown that children with autism like to interact with digital devices. Based on this insight, ‘LOOK AT ME’ was developed to help children with autism make better eye contact and improve their facial recognition abilities through digital devices, such as smartphones and smart cameras.
Before you run this program, please download the app user guide and read it carefully.


Scientifically-Endorsed Training Program
This program was developed by Samsung, in collaboration with professors, doctors and UX designers. Seven scientifically-produced missions were created to help children with autism make eye contact, read facial expressions and express their emotions. 20 children trained on the program over eight weeks and *60% of them showed improvement in making eye contact.
*Results are based on parents’ survey.

To motivate the children to train on the program every day, we turned this program into a fun and easy-to-use app. Rubies, character cards and points will be awarded to the child based on performance. Music and voice guide are customized to the child’s theme preferences.

Role of Parents
Some missions in this program require parental assistance and participation. Parents should encourage their child’s participation and monitor his/her progress. To motivate their child to perform better, parents should give their child a small reward if he/she completes all of the day’s missions.

Once the app is installed it will then begin downloading files so make sure you have a memory card just in case you do not have enough space on device or current storage..You will then be asked to set up a password and then repeat and then Child mode is activated. From here you will then be given themes to pick from,the enter your name and then gender.


After this is all complete you can then begin.

Download Look At Me from the playstore below and some more in. Source


By Jim O Brien/CEO

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