We all love Cortana, the personal assistant on WindowsPhone which was made available to users along with Preview for Developers in the USA and later to China and UK with Lumia Cyan update. Today Joe Belfiore announced on Twitter with his tweet reading “Hey Italy, France, Germany, Spain … Cortana says “hello!””


This means that slowly Cortana is getting more regional support, it is now made available to Italy, France, Germany & Spain though in Alpha.

What is Aplha?

Alpha means that Cortana is new to the countries, most of the features in the beta version are available but some are missing or coming soon. For example, flight tracking is not available at this time for alpha. Transit data is currently limited to larger cities and will expand as we have more data. Additionally, reference data (e.g. “How tall is Mt. Everest”) is also not available – but MS is working hard to enable this soon! MS have also worked hard to tailor Cortana’s personality in each language (with local chit chat and jokes) to make her more locally and culturally relevant (i.e. make sure she fits in!). Cortana will also show European football (or as we Americans call “soccer”) league data, including Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and La Liga. (Source: Windows Blog)

To know in detail about today’s announcement please visit here.

Stay tuned for more updates and tech buzz.


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