After the acquisition of Whatsapp by facebook all customers were worry about the destiny of the app (us included).

But this week Whatsapp for Android received an update with an awesome new feature! “End-to-End encryption”.


“End-to-end” means that “the people behind the curtain” won’t be able to know what the persons in the conversation are talking about. The company will serve as connection between users, but only the two users will have access to the conversation itself.

WhatsApp partnered with Open Whisper Systems for the launch, using open source code to build in the new features.

Earlier this year, a big scandal saw light regarding the US NSA and others (like facebook, Apple and if I’m not wrong Google) from let the government have access to personal data of their clients.

Back then a new hope emerge from the ashes to help us all, the new app Telegram became available in almost all app stores. Now this app is available for all platforms.


With this new feature Whatsapp turns itself in the biggest messaging app to offer this kind of security. (the app have almost 600 millions actives users)

It’s still unknown when or if this feature will be avaible for WP and IOS but having it in Android is awesome!

You can download the new version of whatsapp here, in case you haven’t already (Android only)

And if you want to try something new but equally great, you can download Telegram here.

Tell us in the comments what do you think about this new feature? And stay tuned for more Tech Info!


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