Jolla have been around some time now and have already a mobile device in the market which is apparently in 31 countries around the world,Ireland not been one of them bar the handful of users,numbers are not know to be percise on how many Jolla users are here but it aint a huge sum.

Jolla uses the OS called Sailfish OS which is another forked Android,personally forked Android devices are a waste of time,same applies to the FirePhone which also tells the same story,its not good enough the firephone has essentially flopped and with a drastic price cut its still remains to be seen how many units actually have been sold.



Ok who is this device for and who will buy it ? Hackers,Meego and Maemo geeks will,of course new customers will be interested too but not me,already its said its better than the Nokia N1 that was announced yesterday which is pure speculative talk at this point in time and of course if you do go ahead with buying you will once again have to wait a few months to recieve your new device,this alone puts me off the idea,same as the Nexus 6 pre-order issue right now,if i order i have to wait,if im paying out good money i want my product there and then,not an estimated date down the road,but them again im not a hacker but i dont need to hack the Nexus 6 either so…



No discret to Jolla the products have a nice build quality and the UI looks nice,it was just quick to launch on the first phone and the feelings was pretty much the same from everyone around the globe bar a few,again this is to be expected just like any other product,the Nokia N1 got a fair bashing yesterday and equally much welcomed too.

I do hope to see a refined OS and UI when it does eventually hit the public next year and since announcement this morning they have exceeded the funds they required to kick this off the ground so this is good news for them and congratulations to them on this achievement and i wish them well in the future.

Below we have a chart to compare with what its rivals are and where it has pros and cons,keep in mind the price here too..




If you want to know more about Jolla and want to see all the info and support the guys that are people powered head over to

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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