Meteor have announced new changes for both Pay As You Go and Bill Pay customers so here is what’s happening below..Its for directory enquiry pricing..Click on images to be brought direct to pages on the Meteor Website.











Note this applies…but not mentioned in the billpay section..

Under Regulation 17 of the European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services) (Universal Services and Users’ Rights) Regulations 2003, an operator shall, not less than one month prior to the date of implementation of any proposed modification, notify its subscribers to that service of the proposed modification in the conditions of the contract for that service and their right to withdraw without penalty from such contract if they do not accept the modification.


1. Definitions
“Charges” -The charges for the Services, whether Bill Pay or Pay As You Go, as specified on , including, but not limited to, connection charges, monthly rental, tariff charges, Call charges, any applicable additional usage charges calculated according to the rates prevailing from time to time, administrative charges and charges for Third Party Services which the Customer may choose to receive.


6. Payment, Charges and Tariff Plans
You are liable to pay for all charges incurred through your Meteor SIM card whether or not incurred by you personally (including VAT arising on the charges), and for all costs incurred in enforcing this Agreement. We reserve the right to vary Charges at our discretion. In the event that Charges are varied we will post notification of such changes on our web site, in-store and/or notify you via SMS or by post. You may therefore not receive notification if we have no contact details for you.



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