Pebble have been around some time now and for me the smartwatch idea has never really caught my interest until the Moto360 came around due to its looks and its functionality,having spent with Sony and Samsung smart watches they just did not justify the need for one,even today i do not see them been that beneficial to me,this is just my own personal opinion.but im about to go on a journey now and give it a shot.

Pebble is popular i know lots with them and they recently had a sale so i decided to pick up one of their first watches which was €129 which is not bad,all smart watches need to be in this price bracket to give more leverage in interest in my opinion.. after all a smartwatch is notifications on your wrist and with the technology getting better it will become more and indeed is making progress however they are still limited in what they can do what your mobile phone already does,another annoying fact for me is more cables and something else to charge so im going to give it a shot and see how it can make my life any easier by wearing one of these gadgets.

As far as popularity is these watches have still not took off by any means,smart watches are too expensive especially the newer ones and for example the upcoming watch from Apple just had to go and top it off with its massive price,as said before if companies want people to wear their smartwatch the need to be priced better,perhaps even bundled with one of their phones too is another option to gather some kind of traction,until then the smartwatch trade will continue to grow at a slow pace,of course you will have a loyal customer base that will buy but these mainly are fanboys,this applies to all manufacturers not just anyone in particular.



Pebble unboxing and walkaround..




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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