RE.WORK Health Summit 2015


Here we are again, that time of year when technology events are made and bloggers eagerly await their invitations which definitely didn’t get lost in the post.

This year I’ve been lucky enough to become a partner with RE.WORK for their Health Summit which will be held in Dublin on the 12-13th on February.


And only for you loyal readers, you can get 20% off tickets using the code HEALTH20 at the checkout. Of course, if you but your Super Early-Bird tickets before they expire, which is on Friday, the 26th of September by the way, you’ll have an even deeper discount.

What is the Health Summit you ask? Well, I’ve summarized what it’s all about and who’ll be appearing below.

RE.WORK Health Summit will provide a unique opportunity to interact with leading scientists, entrepreneurs, physicians & exciting startups in the very same place. Meet fellow innovators with the same…

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