I’m sure by now that almost everyone has heard of the “oh so exciting” iPhone 6 and 6 plus, and if you haven’t, why are you here?

Apple, of course, made sure to put out there that, even though they made fun of Samsung for making rather big handsets just last year, it’s alright for them to do it now, because, well just because they say so. Apple, can you stop being hypocrites for just a minute? I’m trying to write here, where was I?

Oh yes, the “new” iPhones.

There’s a lot of things wrong with them, a lot, but I’m not going to mention them here. I’m not going to point out the protruding camera which will easily scratch, the questionable battery or even the lackluster of not bumping up the camera’s megapixels, I simply wouldn’t point that out. Asides from these issues, am I the only one that’s pretty sick of Apple being conservative?

The one feature that I actually think is impressive is the 240fps slow-motion video option, even if it’s at 720p, it is still an impressive feature, but that’s where it ends.

Remember the days when OEM’s were improving their devices so much that you almost wanted to wait the extra year for the newer model? Yeah, Apple ruined that. They have become so conservative in their device updates that it actually sickens me. Think about it, if the new iPhone had a 13mp non-protruding camera and a better battery but stayed at the same price, how much better would it be?

A lot. A lot better.

And it’s not like those additions would have taken much out of their profit margin, considering how ludicrously expensive they already are.

Other OEM’s like Samsung and LG and HTC are still innovating, thankfully, but can we rely on them to keep upping the anti while Apple drift along but still have a lot of market share? We’ll see in the future, but until then, Dear Apple: wake me up when you’re not conservative.


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