Today I went in search of a new client for Reddit. Until today, I used “Reddit is fun golden platinum”, and I thought it was the best app for the job.

It’s not.

The Beta version of Reddit News and Reddit News Free (Ads) has blown every other client I’ve ever used out of the water, without a doubt.

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The main reason why I love this client is because of it’s beautiful design and functionality. 

The app’s beat version has the new “material design” look that we should all be expecting to see soon running on our devices. Animations are slick, text is clear, and it’s very well laid out so you can access almost anything with just a few swipes.

The functionality of this app is unrivaled. I’m not saying that other clients don’t offer the same capabilities as this one, this one just does it better. A lot better. I used to hate using reddit on my mobile, simply because I knew that it didn’t look pretty and tracking comments was an absolute nightmare, but now, reddit news is my second most used app and almost definitely my favourite.

To sign up for the beta to Reddit News, click the link below to join the community where you can opt-in to be a beta tester:


Once you’ve joined, just download the app, or if you already have it, wait for the update to be pushed to your device. 

So what do you guys think? Do you like the new “material design”, or are you going to stick with the “Holo” look for now? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer 🙂


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