Recently the super budget phone the Nokia130 has been announced and caused a bit of a stir to say the least considered the recent talks about X series and Asha platforms been shelved further down the road so we can almost expect that the Nokia 130 will be the last phone we will see running the Series 30 UI .


Nokia Ireland stated they will not be ranging the 130 here which was a rather disappointing announcement and also rather quickly too,which means they must have a pretty good idea of the roadmap going forward..From a personal standpoint i don’t see why this handset should not be ranged on the networks here,its a perfect phone to bring on travels and holidays and will be popular,it would fit under the category as a throwaway handset.Its cheap,cheerful does plenty and yet you would not miss it if lost,well that may depend on the individual and if they had their SD card installed…

We decided to look further afield on this and made some general enquiries and we have one good news result to report today and hopefully more soon regarding as to the availability of the €19 euro handset which is to be launched soon.It will yet remain to be seen if the handset will retain this price on launch due to various things.

Argos have told us the following,plus we had a brief phone call with them..



As seen in the mail it will be stocked and more info provided as they get it,Subsequently they will also inform us of the info..




By Jim O Brien/CEO

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