New phone,new cover of course,we have the Lumia 630 a while now and the great guys at Noreve sent us over the Flip cover case to check out..


Again which is typical from Noreve we can see the presentation of the cover as always i clean,tidy and looks well with the nice packaging and cover to place your flip case in if you happen to want to take it off.



The flip case is quite sturdy and its not bulky as you can see and it offers great protection to your device and its also got a nice feel to it.

When open like above the phone is well secured,does not wobble or move in the housing which surrounds the phone.



The top of the case gives us plenty of space for the headphone socket and a secure clasp which is tight and not loose on the top which feels solid and safe,also its not difficult to open or close.



The end of the case is where the case is joined together and looks a bit bulky but its not,again there is plenty of room for the USB slot with no niggling when putting in or taking out the cable,it does not catch.



The back of the case is plain and smooth and not slippy giving way for the camera and speaker,no sound distortion noticed nor any effect on the camera when taking photos with the case on board the device.


The right hand side of the case gives us plenty of access to the volume keys and the power key we had no issues when using the keys with the case on the 630..



The left hand side has no buttons on the 630 and its completely covered too with the case giving maximum protection to your device which is great.


The top of the case is again plain,not slippy and sports the Noreve log on the top right which we are custom to now,looks elegant and simple..

While we love the cases we would like to see a change away from the flip cases and maybe new designs coming soon such as sleeves or wallet styled cases from Noreve.

One thing Noreve has that other case makers don’t is choice,be it color,texture and design this is a great option for customers,you can customize your case to your needs..


Screenshot (19)


Case characteristics.



  • – Elegant case conceived in top quality handcrafted leather
  • – Hand-crafted manufacturing quality
  • – Easy-to-close case without non-magnetic closure nor snap closure
  • – Slim and padded design
  • – Protects the device in an optimal manner
  • – All sides protective case
  • – Access to basic functions (multiple openings on the leather)
  • – Camera lens & flash access
  • – Headphones and headset jack access
  • – Charging and synchronization cable access
  • – Beautiful interior lining embossed with the Noreve logo


You can see the effort and quality that goes into these cases which are embossed with the Noreve logo..



Check out the cases on offer for Nokia and other devices here at NOREVE






By Jim O Brien/CEO

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