Sadly news has surfaced that our friend Buster AKA Thomas Kalhauge passed away, Here is a post he sent into us back in 2014. R.I.P Thomas We raise a glass of Malt for you..

About Thomas


Playing a lot of chess, my other interest are internet, mobile phones and their platforms,specially Windows. But first of all comes my daughter and wife and a few drinks:) Single Malts are my favourites,and thanks god there are a lot of different ones,so it is quite easy to find a excuse to have one.


Something a little different today rather than the regular stuff.But yes of course its all about Nokia.

A dane living in Nice and a Malt lover …

You may or may not know this guy from twitter,very witty funny and a good friend of ours thats @buster47 .aka Thomas Kalhauge

Like myself he says things as he sees them and not afraid to either but Thomas is a big Nokia fan having owned many Nokia devices in the past and sports a Lumia 1020 today.

Thomas has sent in this letter to us about past devices of his and its very interesting as to how he words this so enjoy the read..


To my ex’s “a love letter”

When I  first meet you, you was something completely new to me, tiny with round edges, a little thing sticking up from your top, a lovely little thing.
When we walked together hand in and the jealous looks we got from the passing crowd, I didn’t care, actually I was very proud of you and loved those jealous looks.
We has a lot of conversations, lots private, some more official, you always agreed with me, you never let me down a real sweetheart.
You joined me in my bedroom from the first night we meet, always ready to wake me up if something important happened, the first night I couldn’t keep my eyes away from you, couldn’t understand I could have lived without you before. If i couldn’t sleep we used to play a game together, something completely new to me, play games in a bed, but WOW, I loved it.
We was always together, you and me, you came to know all my small secrets, infarct you knew me better than I did myself.
We have been travelling the world together, we have been to funerals and weddings and  you was there when my son was born, we have been on the piss together, though you didn’t like that so much as I sometimes forgot you, only for a minute or two, and you saw me come running back with my hart beating like hell, as I was so afraid someone else picked you up.  NOKIA 1610
You got more more wise by the age, you changed your look and lost the little thing sticking up your top.
You was now capable to replace my calculator, you was even better in bed as you learned a few more games. You was and still are, a wonderful  tiny little thing, but people was getting used to you, so not many turned their heads when we proudly walked down the street hand in hand.

Like before we never left each other, not even for a second, we went to more funerals and weddings, and you were there when my Daughter was born.   NOKIA 3310
Years pasted, life was getting a bit to much of a routine for us, people are right about seven years  crises, so you decided to make some hell of a change.
I again became very proud of you though you got fatter, the jealous looks started all over again and you rarely left my hand.
You became a bigger part of my life, you were my memory, my discotheque, you read and send my mails, you helped me in the office, you was my lexicon, you remembered all the memorable moments of my daughter growing up. We often surfed the web together, I now even could control you, like learning you new games, and finding new exiting applications for us to play with.
I became your Master, you became my subject, I could delay or add files, I could control you, but only because you let me.
What was supposed to happen, happened, my wife started getting jealous of you.
She claimed that you had taken over my life, spending my time tweeting,scooping and flipping about your merits. As a “real” man I knew something drastically had to be done, it took a while, but found out if I got my wife, at least to like you, love you, would be hart, it might get me out of the troubles    ( saying this tried the same with my Malt addiction, and it didn’t work, but that’s a complete other story, my twitter friends would know 😉  )
I gave her a double of you, her first reaction was: what in the hell do you think I am going to do with a “toy” like you, but she was fair enough to give you a chance, and after a while she became to like you, love, no,but like is enough for you and her.
We now all 4 of us have a Bunga, Bunga in bed when its hard to fall a sleep.  NOKIA N95
Thats it hope you enjoyed it..

By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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