The dragons den tv show is now in its 2 episode this season and we have seen some really good ideas and some not so good,this is typical but the dragons know what they want and if they see something interesting they will come on board and invest.

Personally knowing two previous successful entrants who have now a story to tell of their success you can see why people want to come on the show and let people know what they have in mind,entrepreneurs have a unique talent,its shows like this that tells it straight may it be good or bad news at the end it often can crush ones feelings or change their life..

What captured me last night was FIXIY..

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Why does it interest me?

Several reasons actually why i think this will be a success story.

Been involved in mobile tech near 20 years now and many years experience at repairs myself this offers a solution to a big problem.

Screen damage is a daily occurrence,often the case the screen is the most expensive part of the phone and in some cases more than the phone itself which would be put down to a non economical repair,same applies to water damage.

Most phones now have delicate housing,the iphone in particular with glass front and back on older models,screens are also tough on most phones now using corning gorilla glass but this is not bulletproof nor unbreakable by any means,in fact its pot luck if the screen breaks when the phone is dropped  from any normal level,ie shirt pocket or at arms length.

Been a multiforum  support member for near ten years i see this complaint on a daily basis as to people complaining about the screen breaking  and having shatter-proof glass,such as corning glass.

If you have no insurance this can be a very costly expense to fix with screen repair costing up to €250 maybe more on some phablets it often leads people to search elsewhere to find a cheaper alternative.Phablets are the in thing now, big screens,bezels getting thinner to give real screen estate,this makes them more prone to breakage.Tablets are the same they are more clunky and more so prone to damage,tablets are growing at a fast rate and we like to have them on our laps at home watching TV etc, im sure many have let them fall from knees etc etc

What happens next?

These people go an attempt self fixes,often the case make it worse,void warranty and so on.

They typical go to you tube and watch tutorials,this is fine if you are technically minded and have some idea as to what your doing,from a personal standpoint ive seen self repairs go terribly wrong and i have had to jump in.

Another thing is getting the parts,people shop on ebay or amazon,amazon been the most reputable in my view would offer a better and safer choice on ebay,there is many sellers there that self non compatible,non genuine or substitute parts which are substantially cheaper than OEMs ,been fair some will work some wont or if they do should you have an issue down the road if it becomes faulty then you run into problems.

Why will FIXIY work?

Well to start from seen the package contents you get all the correct tools,again tools are available on-line some good some not so good again cost is a factor here,fixiy offers an all in one solution,a one stop shop if you will to repair yourself,or they can repair for you.. also i would imagine a quicker turnaround than services offered today.

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Going forward this can grow bigger already having impressive figures its showing a trend,i do hope they support all popular phone models as time goes on this is crucial in my opinion.


 FIXIY has two core services. First – the authorised FIXIY Tech licence program (a bit like a franchise). We train suitable candidates to become the FIXIY Tech for their area. The FIXIY Tech pays an initial Start-up fee and ongoing monthly support fee. The 2nd Core service is the FIXIY Kit. This is a Fix It Yourself Kit for repairing a broken Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop. We supply the customer with the replacement part, professional tools, installation guide and installation support..

Final word.

Thumbs up from me and i wish you the best in the future and well done on securing two dragons.

You can check out  the FIXIY website over HERE





By Jim O Brien/CEO

CEO and expert in transport and Mobile tech. A fan 20 years, mobile consultant, Nokia Mobile expert, Former Nokia/Microsoft VIP,Multiple forum tech supporter with worldwide top ranking,Working in the background on mobile technology, Weekly radio show, Featured on the RTE consumer show, Cavan TV and on TRT WORLD. Award winning Technology reviewer and blogger. Security and logisitcs Professional.

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