The tech editor of the irish indo has another say on the 1020,although at this stage his thoughts and impressions on nokia and windows are well known here is what adrian says this time,he crowns the SONY Z1 as the best!


Nokia Lumia 1020 Megapixel king is slightly underpowered Sony Xperia Z1 All-round top pick with the odd glitch  Samsung Galaxy S4 Solid camera – but it lacks the firepower of its rivals Apple iPhone 5S Small screen but bigger pixels and slow-mo video

With screens power and gimmickry all but maxxed out, there is one feature that distinguishes the very poshest smartphones – their onboard cameras.

But are megapixels really the measure of quality? And how do the top models compare?

nokia lumia 1020

If megapixels are a metric by which to measure the prowess of cameraphones, Nokia’s 41-megapixel Lumia would appear to have the game wrapped up.

However it’s not quite so straightforward.

Megapixels achieve one main goal: detail. Thus, photographs taken on the 4.5-inch Lumia 1020 (in Procam mode only) reveal an extraordinary degree of detail when the photo is blown up. By this measure, and by the generous 32GB of onboard storage, the 1020 blows the competition away.

But there is more to a (non-blown-up) photo than simply detail and, here, I found that the 1020 performed more closely in line with its rivals.

The mega-megapixel shots typically measure over 10 megabytes per photo, meaning that only lower-resolution backup shots are really suitable for sharing online.

The camera is also a little slow, being slight-underpowered by its dual-core chip. Still, having an external camera button is good, even if it defaults to the lower-resolution format.


Rating: HHHH



By Jim O Brien/CEO

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