3 ireland to sell the Nokia Lumia 520/925/1020 #nokia #lumia #ireland

We have heard today and seen evidence that the nokia lumia 520/925/1020 will be coming to 3 ireland.

The status of the the three handsets is currenly filed under TBC as regards to the release date.No pricing or anything else has been detailed only other than TO BE CONFIRMED for release date.

We have also heard through reliable sources that several stores have indeed said yes to the 925 so this is adding to the true speculation of the info seen.

Has 3 ireland finally said yes to nokia lumia,or is it just due to the takeover of 02 or is it the success of nokia lumia sales in the uk alone,where 3 UK sell nokia lumia, which has been impressive over the last few months?

You tell us! We will update this story shortly .

You can also file your interest in the poll below and we will pass it on to 3 ireland.

If this turns out to be true which i think it is,this will be very welcome to 3 customers.


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