Nokia’s newest smartphone was announced last week so we had to check out how much love the operators have for the device so of course we took action on twitter to find out where the irish people stand and find out just for you.

First of all the device is now already on pre-order from across the waters on several websites ranging from $699-$799 this is sim free of course which is the better option in my opinion.

First of all we contacted all the operators here in ireland and it was interesting to see what the sentiment is.


Meteor replied but the reply is somewhat good and bad but im holding off on a definitive answer for now and see what the lads can do.

Here is what meteor said today.



Here is what emobile told us today.

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Vodafone gave us a rather incoherent answer.



3 again incoherent yet 3 ireland seem to dislike the nokia lumia range its been known ever since the Lumia 800 they have not stocked any lumia model,they seem to stick to the one or two lower end nokia devices.


02 had a bumpy time at first saying they had not seen it for testing but then they got back to me a few minutes later with this tweet and the same time an article came out by silicon republic documenting this so maybe it was been finalized and we are happy to hear 02 will sell the 1020


So over all there seems to be a rather disappointing approach to the lumia 1020 but its early days yet,stay tuned for updates,we will keep you informed.

02 also said

We are firmly committed to delivering the best and most exclusive experiences to our customers,” Maria O Neill, head of Consumer Strategy, Care and Operations at O2 said. “The Nokia Lumia 1020 has some brilliant innovative features and a great Windows 8 operating system. We think it will be a hit with our customers.

Eoin cruise from nokia ireland had this to say.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 establishes a new benchmark in smartphone imaging and makes it easier than ever to capture, edit and share photos and videos of unmatched clarity,” said Eoin Cruise, Market Lead, Nokia Ireland.

“We are excited that we can bring this new innovation to Ireland through our partnership with O2.”

I had the chance to meet eoin myself at the 925 launch with irelandstechnologyblog he is a very nice guy and we had a great chat. Eoin is the the smartly dressed guy  2nd on the left.


So that’s it we will keep you informed and updated on the latest thanks for reading.

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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