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The Final VR2000 gaming earphones are more tailored for those into the gaming world and want that bit more when it comes to the audio experience as it is important in certain games and gives you an immersive experince which for me can be vital and enhances the gameplay overall.

With the VR2000 which for me is an oddly shaped earbud but fits well gives you this with simplicity and just an in-line mic with remote to control volume and so on,depending on your source be it a console of mobile phone this is handy for use, I have tried on mobile laptop PS 5 and X-Box and it worked well on all. If you fancy a bit of VR well then these earphones also enhance the game even more and hopefully the VR offerings out there ramp up again as it has died off and me being a huge fan of VR these earphones will certainly be welcome to have as an extra.

As the company states,

Whether playing a first-person shooter, exploring virtual worlds, relaxing to mediative ASMR or listening to a live jazz recording – the VR2000 will transport you into the heart of the action and deliver an experience like never before with no sound going unheard. Hear distant footsteps and gunfire as though you were in battle yourself. Feel every reaction from a stadium full of thousands of spectators. Transport yourself to a 1970’s jazz club and hear every note played as though you were there.


As a simple plug in with nothing else to do it is hard to fathom how good earphones have got at this level with hearing sounds you may have missed before as stated above to give you more clarity better audio and a real immersive experience you should give these a go and even for general music they do a great job to so it is a win if you fancy a clean crisp and clear immersive experience not costing you a fortune either. The inline remote works a treat too and is simple to use for any gamer or user.


Housing: ABS
Driver Type: 6mm ‘fCore DU’ Dynamic Driver
Colour: Olive Green
Cable: OFC with in-line microphone
Cable Length: 1.2m
Sensitivity: 102dB
Impedance: 18Ω
Weight: 20g
Unboxing video

By Jim O Brien/CEO

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