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It is coming in the Winter months now and it already has some reach for their electric blankets and turning on their heating which is what we do and no better time to check out a new Premium Eco Smart LED Heater from Aeno. This is the latest piece of tech for the home we have been testing out over the last while coming up to the Christmas Season.

This heater can be placed on the ground or wall/ceiling mounted so there is choice and does not have to be a fixed heater, today most people tend to use portable heaters and this is certainly portable and not only that it does no look like a heater at first glance, it literally takes two minutes to set up on its legs if you are leaving it on the floor and the job is done and you can still move it around the house should you wish to do so.

The design is quite nice it is thin 11mm to be exact and light and looks like a wide monitor PC screen when you first take it out and set it up, there is controls on the sides but you have an app to do other changes and set things up to your needs which is handy and we take a look at this in the video review below.

One of the standout features of AENO Smart Heaters is their ability to SMART Mode when it is needed to maintain a configurable comfortable temperature without loss of electricity to the air. All models of AENO heaters are more efficient than other types of heaters and heating methods (convectional heating, air conditioning, floor heating, central heating). The heating is done through infrared rather than convection.

The AENO app - techbuzzireland
The AENO app – techbuzzireland

Quickly and effectively uses the whole 700+ Watts of power without wasting heat and money. Panel temperature can be changed through the application from 120 degrees Celcius to 60 degrees Celcius change the range of temperatures from 700W+ to 150W+. It cost me about 8 euro a week to run.

It is twice as efficient as a conventional heater. Once the room is heated to a set temperature, the heater automatically switches off, not wasting electricity, while upkeeping the room temperature (in SMART Mode). Upkeeping the room temperature is always cheaper. You can save energy and money and stay warm for the entire heating season. Traditionally the portable heaters you find in electrical stores today are not very economical on your electricity bill and don’t tend to be too expensive and this is the reason why so if you want to save money and have a stylish looking heater spending the extra money pays off in the long run.

Finally being able to control this with an app you can have your room heated before you get home a the tap of a button if you have not set a timer which in the Winter months is a win and checking my costings on my meter vs this it does save money and does not have to be left on all day and you are total control.

Aeno Premium Eco Smart Heater | 240-AGH0004S | Black
Aeno Premium Eco Smart Heater | 240-AGH0004S | Black

Features and benefits

The perfect combination of fast heating and energy savings

  • Safe for children and animals Fall/Tilt sensor – auto power-off if fallen and notification to APP
  • WIFI Compatiable with IOS and Android – Set up wintin 1 minute
  • Efficiency – 100% uniform distribution of heat in the room, and as a result, energy saving
  • Infrared + convection heating method – Heat the Room up to 30 m3
  • Eco packaging and Eco friendly materials – safe, natural, durable AND only 11mm in width
  • Low power consumption – 160 Watt-hours to 700+ Watt per hours – Adjustable panel temperature 60 °C – 120 °C
  • Ambient Room temperature sensor in cable Provide a more precise room temperature reading for more comfort
  • Smart Control – AENO Mobile application – time setting, room heating temperature selection

The AENO Smart Heaters are available from Harvey Norman


Video Review

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