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GrowCube is the world’s first smart watering product based on four independent soil moisture sensors and water outlets, combined with exclusive APP, aiming to provide professional and easy watering methods for gardeners. It would water plants automatically once it sensors its lacking water in soil. It would be best choice for those who have no time for watering plants because of business, travel or busy work, it is also a smart plant guider for those who are new to grow plants.

Every now and then, a design comes along that revolutionizes the convenience of people’s daily life. Elecrow, a well-known technology company located in Shenzhen, China, is launching GrowCube on Kickstarter, the largest crowdfunding platform in the world. GrowCube is the world’s super smart automatic watering device based on four independent soil moisture sensors and water outlets. Combined with an exclusive APP, it aims to provide professional and simple watering methods for friends who enjoy growing plants.

“More and more people are talking about the importance of protecting nature on a global scale, while ignoring the indoor plants in front of them. Since about ten years ago I have grown a lot of plants in the balcony and living room. I think these plants make my home look more like a home. Now Millennials and Gen Z also love caring for indoor plants, why do we have so damn many? I think that is the meaning of plants as the sign of love and life. While every home gardener wants to grow healthy and beautiful plants, watering is not as easy as it seems. When we realized there was a huge demand for meticulous watering of plants, my team and I wanted to make a consumer product to lower the bar for smart gardening watering, now GrowCube is meeting you on Kickstarter! Whether you’re a plant killer or a busy professional, GrowCube is the best helper for watering your plants!” Elecrow Co-Founder – Richard.

How It Works

GrowCube Obtains soil moisture data for plant growth in real-time by reliable soil moisture sensors, combined with the APP which contains over 3000 kinds of plants growth humidity guidance data, keeping a comfortable growth moisture environment for variety of plants.

The Charm Behind GrowCube

Most of the watering products on the market are based on manual or timed quantitative mode, but GrowCube has added a smart mode creatively on this basis, which can simultaneously meet the refined watering needs of multiple pots of different plants. GrowCube knows exactly when your plants are thirsty, how much water they need to drink, and waters them accordingly.

1.5L large water tank and external water supply design enable GrowCube to meet the large-volume watering need over long time. Whether you travel a lot, work overtime or go on vacation, GrowCube can take good care of your plants no matter where you are.

With the aid of sensor magnetic plug-and-play interface design, GrowCube is easy to use. Simple and stylish appearance matches the watering scenarios in office, home and many other places. In addition to personal use, GrowCube is also a good gift for parents, wife, or friends. We’re proud to announce that the world’s super smart plant watering product is ready, GrowCube will be your best plant care assistant!

We have this here in house now and we are now working on our full hands on review so stay tuned for that soon and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Check out our first look and unboxing below and be sure to support Elecrow in the link below


About Elecrow

Elecrow, which started from open source hardware and gradually focused on the incubation of innovative and entrepreneurial products, has achieved great success in the previous three crowdfunding activities held on Kickstarter before. Now GrowCube—A revolutionary smart watering product, is now on Kickstarter and gains more popularity than expected! Go ahead to get the first ever super early bird price!


For more information about GrowCube, please visit the official website of Elecrow

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