The Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera is one of the most affordable on the market, yet comes packed with all of the features and functionality you’d expect from the most expensive models.

At £120 (RRP), Hey!’s Smart Floodlight Camera features a full HD camera that can provide live video footage courtesy of Hey!’s smartphone app. It also features two-way audio communication so you can surprise any mystery visitors with a ‘what are you doing on my property?!’ If that’s not enough of a deterrent for would-be burglars, it also features a 120dB siren alarm…

Unlike many smart floodlights currently on the market, Hey!’s Smart Floodlight Camera offers users flexible storage options. You can choose to store your footage and audio locally on an SD card or make use of Hey!’s cloud storage facility (from £3.49 per month) – so users are able to choose a storage option that works for them, rather than being tied to a single solution.

The floodlight camera is easily connected to the user’s home WiFi using the popular 2.4GHz frequency.

Hey!’s Smart Floodlight Camera is also highly adjustable with things such as the range of the motion detection feature being completely customisable. The floodlight itself has a ‘dimming’ feature, so that users can fully adjust how bright the floodlight is, with light power up to 12.5W on each of the two built-in floodlights.

The Smart Floodlight Camera also disposes of a headache common to many of these devices – no batteries! Unlike other models on the market, Hey!’s Smart Floodlight Camera is hardwired and can be easily connected to your home’s electrics – so no more worries about flat batteries when you need your security to be working most!

Hey Floodlight techbuzzireland
Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera techbuzzireland

Commenting on the launch of their new Smart Floodlight Camera, Brad Nevinson, Head of Innovation at Hey!, said:

“At Hey! our mission is to make smart home technology available to everyone, without compromising on quality and functionality. I think we’ve achieved that with our latest product, the Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera.”

“Too often, smart home technology is difficult to set up or use and can be overpriced. At Hey! we are committed to designing products that are intuitive, innovative and fun to use. Our app makes it easy to keep on top of your home security and monitor who is coming and going about your property in real time.”

“We hope that our Smart Floodlight Camera makes enhanced home security available to everyone across the UK.”

We will have a review soon.. The Hey! Smart Floodlight Camera is available now at

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